Mike Wysocki graduated from the University of Massachusetts in January 1987 all excited to make it big in the business world. Well, after 25 years, he has held 19 different jobs-- most in the first 10 years after graduation. According to recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor, the average worker changes occupations -- not just jobs -- 10 times by age 36.

During those early years, Mike researched and worked a variety of careers, from Quality Control Analyst to Insurance Salesman to Contributing Writer and, finally, to Internet Security Sales, plus a dozen in between.

The one constant in those years was that Mike never found a source that provided detailed information on careers. He found vague, wordy job reviews, or sociological studies, but nothing from a true veteran of a field. If you don’t know lawyers or doctors, how do you really know if they have a great job? Mike knew many in the trades, but he wanted to try something different and he couldn’t find a resource, so he jumped jobs. He suspected that many might be in the same scenario; that is when Careers By The People was born.

While getting there may be half the fun of a road trip, it’s not the case so often in a career. So over the years, Mike has come to ask himself, isn’t there a better way? Isn’t there an easier way? What if people had the tools? What if a book or website could help them save years of career searching? Would people want and utilize such a resource?

Mike’s been through enough jobs to know. It’s not just whom you know or what you know, it’s knowing where to find it that makes the biggest difference in discovering not just a good job, but a fulfilling career. Careers By The People offers not only the place, but also the veterans of that special career to help job hunters everywhere find their dream jobs or avoid their nightmares.

How many people want to take 10 years when they can begin their trek today? How many people can afford to waste 10 years of their life? What if there was a faster way?
Welcome Careers By The People!