“The UMass Amherst Alumni Association serves more than 225,000 alumni. One of our goals is to provide useful and up-to-date career services and resources to all alumni. Careers By the People was an obvious choice to offer our alumni because of the unique benefit it offers; personal stories and tips from professionals working in a variety of hot industries!” 

Angela Lussier
Associate Director of Alumni Career Programs
University of Massachusetts Amherst

 "There is nothing more frustrating than spending significant amounts of money on college or professional training to pursue a career only to find out in the end that you are not properly suited. Careers By the People provides individuals with the ability to minimize and potentially eliminate this timely and costly career mistake by providing college students and job seekers with critical behind the scenes perspectives and experiences of individuals that have actually worked in these professions.  Careers By the People is a real game changer and we are excited about all of the benefit that it will bring to participants at our Community Empowerment Centers and our Scholarship Program in helping them make sound career choices."

 Jeanella Blair
National Program Manager
Community Empowerment Centers
Magic Johnson Foundation

"Golden West College in Huntington Beach, CA has over 12,000 students that access our Career Center and when searching for answers from seasoned professionals about their careers one of the first resources we turn to is Careers By the People."

Yolanda Dueñas
Career Center
Golden West College

“Our goal at One Stop Career Center in Carson, CA (population 91,000) is to assist the community with developing job skills in today’s workplace. When the community is looking for real world career experience information we turn to Careers By the People.”

Barry Waite
Business Development Manager
One-Stop Career Centers

“With over 20,000 students at Rio Hondo College in Whittier, CA the Career Center gets many requests about real world career experiences. One of the more popular websites for the students is Careers By the People.”

Belen Torres-Gil
Counselor, Career Center Coordinator
Rio Hondo College

“When it comes to career guidance, our high school students at The San Pedro Boys & Girls Club look to Careers By the People as a resource for hundreds of career choices from people that actually worked in those professions.”

Pamela Bishoff
Boys & Girls Club of the Los Angeles Harbor

"The portal is the Zagat's of the working world. By allowing real people who actually work in each field to describe the good and bad of their careers, Careers By the People tells the job-seeker what to expect from the kitchen. "

Jeffery R. Knight, Esq.
Legal Writing Professor
Hofstra University School of Law

"As a public school teacher I conference with many students in search of a 'job fit, and or, career fit'. This website, Careers By The People, offers students insights to a variety of fields. Using the information provided to them will make their search an easier one. I would recommend each guidance counselor to have a copy on hand as well as all libraries."

Mary E. Gallagher
School Teacher
The Graham and Parks Alternative School in Cambridge, MA

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