Before starting your career, learn what others think about their professions.

Careers By the People provides candid insight into various occupations ranging from CEO to Beekeeper. The questions and answers are informative and relevant to anyone considering a new career or occupation.   Moreover, it ties in Holland Occupational Themes and Wysocki’s career obstacles.

It is a fun read, enjoy.

Meet Mike Wysocki

Like many, Mike entered the workforce after college expecting to find that perfect career. For years it was obstacle after obstacle until he settled and chose sales. The good news is, he did learn something on the way.

Who may benefit from this book?


High School students thinking about what they are going to do after graduating.


Veterans transitioning from the military into civilian life.


Sociologists understanding the thought process of the worker.


College Students sifting through the myriad of occupational opportunities to narrow down the search.


Workers eking out opportunities in other fields.

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